Harm Warmed Oil for Health

Harm Warmed Oil for HealthScientists from UK, spending study determined that the vegetable oil when heated emits toxic substances that are harmful to the human body. Cooking in hot vegetable oil, more than, is not recommended for 20 minutes. Vegetable oil raises cholesterol levels in the blood and a negative impact on the heart.

Great use of the heated vegetable oil contributes to diseases such as diabetes. To improve intestinal function is necessary to eat more food to eat boiled or steamed.

However, to completely abandon fried foods, which is very tasty, it is hard, therefore, to substitute Collamask UK cream the olive oil can, which contains large amounts of amino acids and other nutrients. Lovers of fried fish and potatoes instead of frying them in a pan, you can bake in oven until fragrant crust, pre-wrapped in foil products. Also, replace fried foods can increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Only Refined Oil

The benefits and harms of oils have already been written many books, described in the most popular magazines, and there are endless disputes in social networks and various forums.

Hardly, once this dispute can stop, because so many people have different opinions. All this for the reason that people claim that the oil has fat. Yes, it’s true, the composition of the oil is 98% fat. Only all these fats are unsaturated, and monounsaturated. That is, they are just harmless.

So why do people always say that oil is harmful, and Collamask Latvija krēms others say it is useful? Let’s try to understand this situation together. Oil, uncleaned, and such what it is, just separated from the fruit has a lot of nutrients and vitamins. In addition, it is this oil that is used to prevent cardiovascular diseases in order to rid the body of the possibility of a heart attack, as well as diabetes mellitus.

In addition, the oil has vitamins from the Omega-3 series, which are very important for the brain. It is also very useful for girls who want to get rid of cellulite and want to have an excellent body and wonderful skin. Yes, this fat, which calls “good”, helps to remove fatty deposits of cholesterol. But only when this oil is used all in moderation. That is, if you use no more than one tablespoon of oil per day, then it will not be so well absorbed and can be stored as fat.

But as soon as you decide to cook food for yourself and fry on this oil, it instantly turns into a real poison. Irreversible processes lead to the fact that this oil becomes poisonous to the body and contributes to cancer. Therefore, you only need Collamask Lietuva kremas to fry on refined oil, devoid of all vitamins and useful acids. Refined oil is ideal for roasting any products. In addition, in order to cook, refined sunflower oil is ideal. And olive oil is useful to eat raw, as a supplement for salads.

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