Harm of Sausages

3108201613In our time, the shelves are filled with lots of sausages. Sometimes you wonder what, at the time when the number of cattle is decreasing every year, and the number of meat products is growing. This is due to the fact that during the preparation of the product, trace amounts of meat, so instead use various substitutes. Adding flavor enhancers and other chemical elements that are harmful to our health.

Doctors believe that the frequent use of these products causes our heart is the Hondrocream Türkiye krem same harmful as smoking cigarettes.

These products contribute to weight gain, resulting in an number of different diseases, one of which is diabetes.

Eating meat products, many do not realize what harm they cause their gut, since a large amount of harmful substances that are added by manufacturers, contributes to cancer. Also, the effects of preservatives adversely affect our nervous system.

More About The Dangers Of The Product

Not so long ago, experts conducted a series of studies and officially confirmed that sausages and sausages are harmful to human health products.

Because of the fact that the preparation of the product uses animal meat, which is intensively Hondrocream Slovenija Krema fattened with special food. In the composition of the feed there is a high content of chemicals so that the animals gain weight as quickly as possible. Since livestock is almost completely deprived of the opportunity to make any movement, their meat covers a layer of fat.

You should also know that almost 100 percent of the animal carcass is processed in the production of meat products.

Only 2 percent goes to waste, and the remaining 98 are used as raw materials for the preparation of meat products. Even bones and skins are subjected to a special treatment, which allows them to pull out a maximum of fat and tissue. Then this mixture is also added when making sausage. Thanks to it, the product is more juicy. Additionally, vegetable fat is added to the finished Hondrocream Latvija krēms meat product. As a rule, palm oil is used today, which forms sausages in the sausage and poses a threat to human health.

In order to make the finished product more attractive and create the impression of a natural gastronomic product, dyes, flavor enhancers, flavors and stabilizers are added, which compact the consistency of the product, making it more elastic and adding a rosy, appetizing color and meat flavor.

These components, getting into the human body, accumulate in the form of toxins and gradually poison it. No less harmful is sodium nitrate, which is added to the sausage raw material as a preservative and prevents rapid spoilage of the product. The chemical does not allow bacteria to multiply inside minced meat, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the meat product. Medical experts claim that this element Asami Česká republika provokes the development of cancer cells in the body.

It should be understood that the sausage that Asami España is offered to us in the shops has long ceased to be a meat product. Only the minimum part of the forcemeat consists of natural meat, and the rest is harmful chemical compounds that poison the body and gradually destroy it.

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