Harm of Microwave

Harm of MicrowaveNowadays, as a result of technical progress, almost every family has a microwave, which can be used to quickly cook and reheat food. It is very convenient and fast, especially in the morning, when many people are rushing to work. However, according to scientists who have conducted a number of studies, it became known that the microwave exposure adversely affects human health.

People who regularly use this device, are at risk of cancers and cataracts. The reason is that Deutschland Varicobooster by using the radiation furnace is released, which enters the body with cooked food.

Watching the way food is prepared, people harm their bodies of view, since then they have been cataracts. No wonder many livestock farms have stopped the use of microwave ovens, because when heating milk destroyed all the nutrients. Therefore, every woman should think about whether to stand for some time at the stove and cook a healthy meal, or with his food in a microwave oven, quickly prepared dish.

0 Reasons To Forget About The Microwave

Since the moment when microwave ovens have appeared and have firmly settled in the life of a modern person, discussions and disputes about whether the invention is a source of human benefit or a powerful threat do not stop.

Below are ten reasons that scream that you need to urgently get rid of the microwave oven from your house. To these conclusions scientists from the most developed countries of the world came together.

Destruction of brain cells. Regular use of the microwave oven and eating foods France Varicobooster that have been cooked or heated using microwaves are fraught with an irreversible change in brain function, as organ cells die.

Products that are exposed to the treatment of microwaves suffer changes in their composition, so for the human body they are deformed and not habitual.

Therefore, the gastrointestinal tract can not assimilate them, as a normal product and causes malfunctions in the system. Hormonal imbalance is inevitable if you use the microwave every day and consume food that has been treated with rays. Microwaves interfere with the normal absorption by the body of vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances.

Such valuable substances in the composition of vegetables, like minerals under the action of microwaves, are converted into poisonous radicals. Food that is cooked with a microwave oven provokes the appearance in the body of cells that lead to cancer.

If you eat foods daily from the microwave oven, you can adversely affect the immune system, since the impulses produced by the oven have a negative effect on the functioning of the lymph nodes.

Microwaves worsen memory, concentration, attention and provoke an unstable psycho-emotional Hrvatska Varicobooster state. The use of a microwave oven will certainly cause a deterioration in vision. Especially negatively affects the operation of the microwave oven on the formation of a child’s body. As a result, you can detect a significant deterioration in the overall health of the child.

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