Harm of Hot Food

260820162That’s the long-awaited summer has flown by and the yard will soon come autumn. During this period, when the set is cold, rainy weather, but on a constant slush outside, there is growth in the number of colds. Very often, he felt a slight malaise, pain in the throat, we are trying to cure it with hot milk with honey or decoction made from the collection of herbs.

However, medical experts do not recommend eating too hot drinks, and advised to drink tea, not earlier than 6 minutes after the infusion. This also applies to the chicken broth, which often offer sick people to recover.

In general, it is desirable to give up too hot food, as its use is harmful not only to the Machoman hol vásárolnak Magyarországon throat, and digestive organs. In addition, those people who eat hot food, is often observed violation of the tooth enamel strong bleeding, and the bones become brittle, so before you start the meal, pre-cool a little food.

It Is Tasty Not Always, Then What Is Hot

Have you noticed at least once in your life that a dog can eat hot food?

Even if the owner of the dog throws a tidy hot piece of meat or steak for his pet, it is more likely that the dog will first sniff, and then after a while will only eat. All this is because, the dog does not allow himself to eat food hot. All because it will negatively affect its gastrointestinal tract.

Everything is about the same for people. If you constantly drink hot coffee or tea, this leads to a big problem, in which you injure your esophagus, more accurately burn it. As a consequence, problems can provoke gastritis or ulcer. At the same time, you do not abuse nicotine, but just drink hot drinks.

There is an opinion that supposedly hot food has a much nicer taste than food that has Machoman onde comprar em Portugal already cooled down. First, nobody forces you to use cold food. Secondly, cold dishes are sometimes very tasty, even tastier than many hot dishes. In particular, salad olivier, jelly, ice cream and much more. Compare is not worth it. Just need to know that very hot dishes are harmful to your health.

It is worth noting that a person can normally get satisfaction from food, it should have an approximate body temperature. As a rule, these dishes are heated to a temperature of about 40 degrees. As for drinks, in the restaurants or in specialized coffee machines, which can give out tea or coffee in the preheated form, the temperature of the drink is slightly different from the food. It is at the level of 60-70 degrees, but no more.

This is just the temperature regime, due to which it is impossible to burn your esophagus, and also allows you to get a sense of warmth and comfort. Therefore, it is worth considering today, whether it is worth Machoman gdje se mogu kupiti u Hrvatskoj using very hot dishes and drinks to begin treating your digestive organs within the next 10 years, which will not so willingly succumb to your treatment, and also will not give you the opportunity to pamper yourself occasionally with sharp portions of shish kebab or bacon.

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