Haircare and Eyelashes

Nice to see a woman who beautifully dressed, well-groomed appearance is, however, likely to achieve this, you need to pay constant attention to the care of their appearance.

Today we want to tell, both independently without a visit to the beauty salon, you can ensure that your hair and eyelashes were thick, had a natural shine.

You do not have to spend a lot of time every day is enough to give no more than 30 minutes. What qualities would not be Mascara, from the everyday use of the eyelashes may fall out, and that this did not happen, they need makeup. To do this, the best fit burdock oil, which was once used by our grandmothers. Every night before going to bed, apply with a brush on the lashes oil, which in half an hour, remove the cloth.

This simple procedure will enhance your eyelashes, they become much fluffy and grow faster. With regard to hair, here it depends on what they are dry or greasy. For the first case good use of bergamot oil, as it helps to restore the secretion of the sebaceous glands, while dry hair better suited avocado oil.

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