Habits that poison our bodies

17101624We all know that smoking and drinking alcohol – is bad for health.

However, many of us do not realize that certain daily habits also have a very detrimental effect on our body.

For example, if you love often chew gum, it can significantly disrupt your health. It turns out that too frequent chewing gum can interfere with the operation of the jaw muscles and lead to disease of the teeth and head.

In addition, if you use a cup of tea or coffee at work, make sure each time it is washed out thoroughly. The fact that the walls of the cup collects a huge amount of pathogenic bacteria, so you risk your health when you do not wash the dishes from which the drink on the job.

Washing hands – also a very important point. Many of us forget to wash your hands after using the toilet, after shaking hands with colleagues at work, or after contact with pets. This is a dangerous habit that can lead to infections from entering the body.

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