Green Tea is Very Useful for Vision

060920161The benefits of green tea is written very much a variety of publications. Indeed, today it is one of the most useful products for the modern man. However, the constant work of scientists on the study of the properties of this tea results in more and more new arguments in its favor.

For example, one of the latest discoveries was the beneficial effects of green tea on human vision. As it turned out, the daily consumption of green tea for breakfast helps protect vision into old age. Those antioxidants contained in green tea, how to effectively protect the body from age-related changes and vision loss. In addition, it is very recommended to use in food for people who are constantly experiencing increased load on vision – IT professionals, gamers, educators, lovers of reading books and so on.

All 1 cup of green tea in the morning you can preserve vision for many years, so there are all basic to have this nice and useful drink in his kitchen.

What is the most useful green tea?

In order to get all the beneficial properties of green tea, try to use only natural leaves without additional flavors or flavors. In addition, it is recommended to refuse tea in bags, since it most often consists of tea production wastes and contains a lot of dust. The beneficial properties of green tea do not last long, so the fresher the leaves will be, the more benefit you can get. Experts recommend buying the first crop tea from China, since it has the most vitamins and enzymes. Drink no more than 1 cup per day so that this product brings only beneficial properties and does not cause insomnia.

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