Green Areas in Offices Increase Productivity

2109201614Arriving at any restaurant, you will certainly pay attention to the fact that in the corridors and in all offices are plenty of green spaces and indoor plants that decorate the room.
But, as it turned out, all this greenery is not only an ornament, but also contributes to the health of employees. This is the conclusion, scientists from many countries, which, after the study, found that the presence of indoor plants in offices beneficial effect on the mental state of workers and increases productivity.

The experiment was conducted in the major offices of Holland and the UK throughout the year, where some employees were in the room with the indoor spaces, while others are not landscaped. The first group of workers showed the result of its operations by 15% higher than the second. On the basis of such data, it is safe to give advice to employers, to place as much as possible of green space in the premises, to obtain the desired result, especially because it does not require significant financial costs.

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