Grandchildren Positive Effect on the Longevity of Grandparents

On the life expectancy of people playing a lot of factors, such as lifestyle, financial situation, the climatic conditions of residence, and of course food. Among European countries, Spain, the inhabitants are distinguished by their longevity.

Asked by journalists who have tried to find out from the long-lived over 90 years, they managed to reach such figures, the majority answered that the most important thing is optimism and determination.

Scientists still can not determine the impact of such feelings on the longevity, but assured that the elderly, who have set themselves different goals, sometimes not even a real, live much longer than those who constantly complain.

For people who are out on a holiday, a great role in the life expectancy plays the care of their grandchildren and it is also scientifically proven by German specialists. Taking care of their grandchildren, people often forget about some minor ailments, which has a positive effect on their psychological state. This also applies to the content of the domestic animals, because they require constant care, so that people feel responsible for their fate.

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