Good Holiday Prolong our Lives

050920164Many people underestimate the usefulness of holidays, so instead of trying to take a vacation more work to obtain a higher income. Meanwhile, the latest research results of scientists from the United States suggest that it is due to a good summer holiday people can significantly improve their health.

According to American researchers, even a 14-day vacation per year is enough that the body is fully recovered, and the immune system has received an additional incentive to work.
If you stay in a vacation of at least 20 days, then received a charge of positive emotions and restore the body enough for the whole year and not get sick for 2-3 months after the holiday to experience positive feelings and emotions.

The most healthful are marine leisure, travel, mountain climbing, scuba diving and so on. But during this time received a stock supporting the immune system enough for one year only, so if you miss a vacation in the next year, you may encounter a variety of diseases.

How can I spend the weekend?

In fact, there are lots of ways to make your weekend fun and interesting. An excellent solution in this case is a family walk in the park or a trip out of town. Fresh air at a picnic well helps to relax, forget about problems at work or domestic issues. Active leisure also implies some kind of sporting events or trips to other cities on a tour. Remember that your weekend should be the stimulator that will help you prepare for the new work week and have a good rest.

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