Give Your Child More Independence

With the advent of the child in the family, the parents are more and more worries, because each of them is trying to grow a good, educated man.

At the same time, some mothers and fathers, especially young people, make some mistakes, forbidding child or another function.

We are constantly in a hurry to work or school, so, gathering the child in the garden, we try to quickly put it, despite the fact that he wants to do it yourself. Despite the fact that it does so slowly and not always with him, it turns out, be patient and let him dress himself.

The same goes for those moments when the child tries to eat himself, do not disturb him in this, because in kindergarten it will be easier to adapt. Very often children are trying to help their parents, who in turn refuse such services, but in vain, because, doing any kind of work, the child develops the ability, both physical and mental.

During the walk the children often fall into the grass, sand, soiling not only clothes, but also my hands, but it is not necessary to constantly wipe their towels, if it is not going to bite.

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