Getting Rid of Bitterness in the Mouth

06111620Sometimes in the mouth an unpleasant bitter taste, and to determine its cause is possible only after passing a medical examination.

Of course, if this is an isolated case, it may arise from the use of fried or fatty foods, but if you are persistent symptoms, it indicates for the violation of the stomach works.

In order not to reach such a state, you need to stick to diet food. At the same time excluded from the diet products that can irritate the skin, especially soft drinks, margarine, as well as to refuse alcoholic drinks, not to mention cigarettes.

It should make it a rule, as often as possible to eat vegetables, especially the pumpkin, which has a positive effect not only on the stomach, but also liver, which monitors the level of bile flow. Get rid of the bitterness in the mouth will help a variety of infusions, for example, made from rose hips, which is enough for a small amount of berries pour boiling water and infuse for a while. Also, in the morning after breakfast drink fruit and vegetable juices, which must be prepared immediately before use.


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