Getting Rid of Acne

Probably no one girl who did not want to always look beautiful and to achieve this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

However, despite all your efforts on the face sometimes pimples, which wants to get rid of quickly.

Just want to warn you that under no circumstances should one try to squeeze them, because it can bring an infection, resulting in a serious condition arise. They usually disappear on their own, but if you decide to get rid of them, it does not necessarily go to expensive salons, and you can use folk remedies.

For this is well suited alcohol tincture of calendula, which you can buy at any pharmacy for a small price. Not less effect give aloe leaves, which boil in water and their it for an hour. The resulting broth, you can wipe the face. In addition to these procedures, it is necessary to reconsider your diet, because the acne often occur due to improper metabolism in the body.

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