Get Rid of Envy – to Be Healthy and Successful

2910164Envy – a problem which prevents to be happy because of it we commit terrible deeds which later regret.

Because of it we get sick, it eats us from within, hurts and kills the nervous system and belief in themselves. Of course, sometimes a shame that other people have things that you do not: see, whether tangible spiritual… In any case, it is better to get rid of this feeling of sabotage. But to accomplish this, it is necessary to direct effects on the mental mechanisms of occurrence of envy, rather than the objects of the external world, which is the sense of cause, as the cause of all the emotions lie within the individual. Keep three ways of getting rid of the very toad, which smothers.

So, the way first: understand their importance. You agree that each of us has a personal experience of life, which is to be envied. The meaning of envy others if we all – self-contained personality?

The second way – to understand that the world is beautiful and optimistic than it seems at first glance. We are looking for joy in the little things: enjoy the scent of coffee, watching the sunset, nezhimsya in the sheets. In short, we appreciate what we already have.

The third way – abstract from the social networks. We do not see Masha posted another photo with one hundred and one rose – so do not get frustrated and turning green with envy.

We hope that this article will help you understand the causes of jealousy and overcome it.

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