Get Rid of Depression Help Yogurt

Nowadays, people often fall into a state of depression, and this is not surprising, because in many countries there is a complicated political situation, there is a high level of unemployment, and some people do not have confidence in the future.

If you add to this the turmoil in the family or disagreements with the authorities at work, it is difficult to avoid depression.

Naturally, one can not stay for a long time in this state, because there can be a nervous breakdown. In order to restore the nervous system, you can turn to specialists for help, however, however, American scientists from the University of Virginia have proved that daily consumption of live yogurt prevents the appearance of depression and favorably affects the work of the nervous system.

All this is due to the presence in it of lactobacilli, which reduce the level of kynurenin in the blood. In this case, it is worth remembering that store yoghurts of long-term storage do not possess such properties. In order to prepare a healthy yogurt at home, you need to use whole milk and a special starter, which is sold in pharmacies.

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