Get Enough Sleep Should not Be less than 5 Hours

1609201612In order, during the day people feel refreshed, a prerequisite is a good night’s sleep, during which the human body is resting.

Scientists have shown that even 5 hours a day set aside for sleep, enough to feel in great shape. It is recommended to go to sleep before midnight, as it is believed that this is the best time to sleep. It is necessary to follow some rules that will quickly go to sleep. First, do not overeat at night because the body will not rest, and is involved in the processing of food.

If you end up eating at least two hours before bedtime and your dinner will be a light, the deep sleep is provided to you. Also, a few hours before bedtime walk in the fresh air, and then take a warm relaxing bath with the addition of soothing herbs. In the cold season during sleep it is recommended to take cover with a warm blanket, and the dream will be harder. And, if you have the opportunity over the weekend to sleep in, for example 8 hours, you should not refuse such pleasure.

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