Gentle Care of Lip Skin

One can hardly find a man who at least once is not faced with the problem of dry skin of the lips.

But the lips – this is a factor that contributes to the human condition, an indicator of its senses, in general, they are always paid attention to nothing less than to other elements of the human face.

And that’s why you need to make our cheeks always looked superb. There are different techniques for lip care, the main ones: the use balms, lip oil; little contact with substances that irritate the lips.

First of all it is necessary to reduce the contact with the agents of various unpleasant phenomena associated with our lips, such as: drink cheerfulness, coffee and alcohol. Beauticians recommend to use them through a straw to reduce contact area with the lips. Since these types of drinking affect aqua balance of our entire organismic system. Due to the fact that the skin of the lips quite leaky and de-moisturized, the consequences can be quite substantial.

It is also very important in the choice of means for the lips, to explore their composition. The most common components lip care system are the paraffin, glycerol, camphor, menthol and others. It should be noted that petroleum oils create a dense insulating sheath, preventing the evaporation of moisture and not allowing the skin to breathe, without providing additional moisture. Such as a “castor oil” is a prohibited ingredient. These elements can make a good impression, but not conducive to moisturize and restore the health of the skin of the lips.

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