Garlic is Useful Not for Everyone

Everyone has long known about the beneficial properties of garlic, which is considered a natural antibiotic.

For centuries, people have used this vegetable for the treatment of various diseases, especially colds.

In addition, it helps normalize the blood, reducing the content in it of harmful cholesterol.

Furthermore, garlic positive effect on the heart and brain. At first glance, it would seem that the restrictions in the use of this vegetable does not exist and it is useful to all, however, as it became known, that is to give it up to those people who there is liver disease, kidney disease, because it provokes an inflammatory process.

Those who have seen low blood pressure, and do not get involved with garlic, because it is able to reduce it. As for pregnant women and nursing mothers, there is no consensus of doctors, because, some argue that it is better not to eat, while others on the contrary, recommended to periodically re-enter it in the diet to fight infections.

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