Garden Plots a Positive Effect on Health

American scientists from Utah managed to prove that the people who have small plots of land and process them independently, are markedly different from their peers, since much less likely to suffer from obesity.

In addition, the daily exposure to fresh air throughout the summer season, a positive effect on the nervous system, heart and brain.

Carried away by the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, people relieve psychological stress, not to mention the fact that they are environmentally friendly products.

Most centenarians say that they constantly set ourselves any targets and trying to achieve them. Of course, any gardener happy when receiving good harvest, and this has a positive effect on the nervous system.

In addition, moderate exercise is beneficial at any age, which does not allow gardeners overweight, which becomes the cause of a number of diseases. Especially the garden needs some lonely people, because they have an opportunity to communicate with their neighbors.

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