Games on the Internet Increased Anxiety

240920167Nowadays, with the advent of computers, laptops and other equipment, most of their spare time young people spend in front of monitors. With the advent of the Internet the opportunity to become parties to the variety of games, which are more and more.

Not only young people, but adults are so addicted to online games, they have no time for sports or reading. Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm, because the people who often become hostages of these games can be a change of the structure of the brain. As such, those who for a long time sitting at the game, in the latter there is a feeling of anxiety.

These people are most exposed to stressful situations, because as a result of the games they have reduced adrenaline. It is proved that these players eventually appear inferiority complex, a sense of insecurity. In addition, computer games often carried away, the person who is in the room for a long time, is not getting enough oxygen.

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