Fundamentals of Proper Hardening

In 2015, Congress passed the European cardiology community, where were announced the results of the study, which lasted 6 years.

According to the results: cold provokes not only the occurrence of cold, but often the cause of myocardial infarction.

Adapt the body to changing weather and climate conditions under the effect of tempering procedures. There are preventive measures that teach the body to react to the cold. But should the notion of “hardening” understand somewhat broader: it is the body’s resistance to high temperatures, an increase in solar activity, atmospheric pressure resistance.

There are several methods of hardening:

1. Being in the sun a certain time.

2 Tempering procedures using cold water – pouring, bathing, shower.

3. Air baths – long walks at different weather in the fresh air, walking on the ground with his bare feet, adherence to the frequent airing of premises. Follow all preventive measures to help prepare the hardening and tempering the human body.

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