From What Turns the Teeth Yellow

The health of a person directly depends on the condition of the teeth, because poorly chewed food is difficult to digest by the stomach, which affects the deterioration of its work.

In addition, it has been scientifically proven that people who have problems with teeth are more likely to suffer from heart disease, and also from the appearance of extra pounds.

The main cause of dental disease is the violation of the protective layer of enamel, which is not only disturbed, but also changes color, acquiring a yellowish tinge. The cause of such a raid is different and, first of all, it is the consequences of smoking. However, there are some products that also affect the color of the teeth.

These include red wine, which is considered useful in a moderate amount, but because of the presence of tannin in it, the teeth turn yellow. Favorite by many a drink of coffee, which, incidentally, is not recommended to eat on an empty stomach, also harms the enamel.

Separately it is worth noting various drinks, especially carbonated with the addition of sugar and dyes, which can not only change the color of teeth, but also destroy the structure of all internal organs, provoking the occurrence of cancer.

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