From What Folk Remedies Doctors Advised to Stop

There are a number of diseases such as some people believe that they can be cured at home, only using folk remedies.

Of course there are plenty of recipes for various concoctions and infusions using herbs, berries, using which people get rid of some diseases, including chronic.

However, there are some tools using which you can do more harm than good.

For example, There is an opinion that if the place burns grease, then there will be a relief, but it can not be done, because it is completely block the access of oxygen, resulting in the healing process will be delayed for a long time.

Take a soda during heartburn and should not be, because after a temporary reduction of acidity, there is a rapid increase it, in addition it can irritate the stomach wall. During colds, people often use inhaled using boiled hot potatoes, which can cause burns of the respiratory tract and even spasm, especially dangerous for children.

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