From the shape and size of the lips depends on the nature of women

05101623Modern sociologists, a large number of different studies that help to find the relationship between the specific features of a woman’s body and her character.

For example, recent studies tell us that the female character can be determined by the type of lips.

For example, lush lips often show that she has an increased sensitivity and sexual activity. They are not so much addicted to love, how many want to constantly pay attention to themselves and to manipulate people.

Girls with thin lips and kept very closed in themselves. They are more likely to experience depression and pessimism, so it is difficult to find a suitable man. Many holders of thin lips live life alone, because were not able at the time to find love.

If the upper lip is smaller than the lower, these girls are very loyal and become good wives. Usually they choose a man for life and live with him in complete idyll.

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