From the Quality of Sleep Affects Our Health

08121616Some people, especially those who are engaged in business, trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the use of mineral food, they visit a swimming pool, sports clubs, but do not always feel healthy, and usually the reason is lack of sleep.

Due to lack of time, because sometimes you have to work 12 hours a day, not counting the load home, usually in a dream stands out not more than five hours, whereas we all know that it should be at least eight. The best time to sleep is considered to be the first half of the night, so to sleep must depart no later than 22.00.

To sleep was tough not to be load at night, and the best is the use of yogurt or fruit. Also, do not forget to walk before going to bed to enrich the body with oxygen, but from watching TV or communication with a computer is to give, it is better read a book or solve a crossword puzzle.

If you, at least for a period of 10 days will comply with such a regime, you will feel a significant improvement in health.

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