From the Order of the Day Depends on the State Health

On what mode of the day we follow it depends largely on the overall condition of our health.

Scientific evidence shows that people who have achieved financial success in life or political career, from the early years were treated strictly to observe the daily routine and have been demanding as to itself and to others.

Purposeful, among other things, is also the incentive of longevity, because if a man has set a goal in your life and seeks to achieve it, it belongs to the optimists.

What then should be the daily routine, we want to tell you, start with a wake-up. Waking up in the morning, it is not recommended sharp jump out of bed, and is relaxing and a little stretch. Then, after drinking a glass of clean water, preferably with the addition of honey and lemon juice to make a light exercise, then proceed to water procedures.

Breakfast should be at a certain time, at the same time to eat different kinds of cereal, not a sandwich with coffee. Lunch and dinner should also be on the schedule, while not forgetting about a light snack during the day.

It is sure to be a daily evening walk, and bedtime should be no later than 10pm.

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