From the Circle of Communication Depends Longevity

Scientists have proved that the life expectancy is influenced by various factors, such as nutrition, activity, compliance with the regime, and also the psychological state on which the work of the nervous system depends.

Doing a poll among people who managed to live up to a hundred years, it became known that almost all of them were optimistic about life and, despite the fact that they had to face various kinds of troubles, they managed to overcome them without significant consequences.

Those people who surrounded themselves as active as they felt constantly in good shape, and those people who were more in touch with grumblers and dissatisfied with everything that was happening in life involuntarily themselves became pessimists, which naturally was oppressed and affected On the general condition of the body.

Therefore, in order to live as long as possible, try to spend more time in the circle of a good company. Particularly hard for lonely people, therefore, for them the best option is to have a pet and, according to experts, the dog is best suited, because with her more often you have to be on the street during a walk.

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