From the Area of Residence Depends Health Status

From the place where a person lives, the state of his health largely depends.

Specialists note that among the city residents the most physically active are those who live not far from bus stops, and also in their area there is a market, park areas.

Air purity plays an important role, because recently in almost all large European cities there is a pollution of the atmosphere, which is due to the emission of harmful substances by cars and industrial enterprises. In this sense, there are more advantages for residents of small settlements, because, in addition to clean air, they lead a more active way of life, especially those who have plots of land or ancillary farming.

However, despite all these benefits, more and more people, especially among young people, are trying to settle for permanent residence in cities, because it is easier to find high-paying jobs here. It is noted that residents of countries near the seas and oceans are distinguished by their longevity, because in their diet the main part is occupied by seafood.

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