From Power Depends General Condition

To lifelong rarely turn to doctors, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, and, to begin never late, but better from a young age, but not when you have a any diagnosis.

One of the rules is to comply with the regime of the day, where a meal is one of the main components.

As for breakfast, something from him not refuse, even if you do not have time, because this meal fills the body with energy for the whole day. It is also worth remembering that you need to eat more often but smaller portions, and the best is 5 times a day.

For a snack is best suited apples, bananas and walnuts, because these products are not only relieve hunger but also to restock the vitamins that improve the immune system.

For dinner, it is best suited dairy products, especially cheese, which contains calcium and beneficial bacteria, and, it is better to buy from private producers that use natural milk for its production.

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