From Overtime Arises Depression

2909201611Recently, one of the diseases spreading rapidly, is depression. This state of a person when he is irritated, undergoes a constant feeling of fatigue, therefore, he is indifferent to everything around him. The causes of this disease, there are many, one of the principal – is a constant overtime.

We all know that the working day should last no more than 8 hours, as the body needs time to rest and recuperate. Those people who are constantly working 12 hours a day, are deprived of such opportunities as a result are more likely to become depressed.

This is particularly evident in the autumn, when the days become shorter, and after the warm sunny days, comes the cold, rainy weather.

In order not to experience such a condition, it is necessary to normalize the schedule of their working hours so that in his spare time did not have to do the work, and pay more attention to various leisure, for example, in the nature with your family or friends.

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