From Manufacturing Methods Dried Fruits Depends their Favor

In connection with the development of modern technology, people have less to spend physical effort for the production of products, as the majority of operations performed various mechanisms.

On the one hand, this is good, because the increased production volumes, but at the same time, significantly decreased the quality of food.

Arriving at the store, we see a wide range of different products that have a nice view, so we buy them without thinking about the benefits. For example, salmon meat grown in artificial ponds, different from the sea of ​​bright red color and appetizing to look at, but as it turned out, it contains in its composition of harmful substances produced during feeding.

As for the dried fruit, then, naturally, they are useful as, according to nutritionists all vitamins are stored in them.

Nowadays, however, special cameras are used for fast drying with infrared rays that kill in fruits vitamin C. In addition, to increase the shelf life and giving presentation, dried fruit treated with the chemical solution by adding sugar syrup.

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