From Habits What Should be Discouraged to Prolong Youth

To like, regardless of age can stay longer young and healthy, you need to give up some bad habits.

One of them is that sometimes we try to do too much work.

This is especially true of people doing business, because some of them have to work 12 hours a day, at the same time, in the best case, with one day off. This schedule negatively affects not only the appearance, but also puts additional burden on the entire body.

Also, poor diet can play a negative role, especially for those people who overeat at night, and often eat food rich in fats.

Lack of sleep, which sometimes occurs for various reasons, are also able to add new wrinkles and fatigue, not to mention the frequent headaches. Alcohol, which some people use to relieve nervous tension, kills brain cells, therefore can not contribute to longevity.

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