Fresh Juices for Breakfast

150920164There is nothing better for our bodies than to start your day taking breakfast cereal and glass of natural fresh squeezed juice. Doctors have long proved that much more useful to drink juice in the morning than usual for many morning coffee.

Juices can be prepared from a variety of vegetables and fruits, combining their part. For example, today you can prepare breakfast apple-carrot juice, grape and replace it the next day, which makes it possible not only to diversify the taste, but also allows the body to get the required amount of various vitamins. As it became known, the most useful are considered 5 types of juice. In the first place there is juice squeezed from an orange, because it contains the highest amount of vitamin C, but its use should not be an empty stomach and spreading a small amount of water.

This is followed by grapefruit juice, which has a mass of useful substances, as needed by the body. Because this fruit contains a small amount of sugar, it can be used for diabetics. Also, you should not refuse from pomegranate, tomato and carrot juices.

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