Frequent Use of Chewing Gum Blocks Normal Intestinal Work

One of the important organs of man is the intestine, because the general condition depends on his work.

Scientists have proved that during the disruption of its functions, digestibility of all nutrients, both vitamins and amino acids, deteriorates, which adversely affects immunity.

In this regard, a person is more often exposed to various diseases, not only viral and cold, but even oncological, because the defensive reaction of the body is very weak. Most often, the work of the digestive tract depends on the quality of food that is present on our table.

This is especially true of the present, when more and more manufacturers add different substances that affect the taste of the product and the duration of storage, while causing significant harm.

These products include milk with a low fat content, most types of baked goods, as well as sweets and chewing gum, because they contain titanium dioxide. By itself, such an additive is not poisonous, however, with a large accumulation of it in the body, it worsens the work of the stomach and intestines.

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