Frequent Head Wash Worsens Hair Quality

Some people prefer to wash their hair every day, believing that this way the hair will always have a shine and look silky.

However, experts warn that daily carrying out this procedure, the hair is washed off the protective words, as a result of which they become brittle, faded and lose their natural appearance.

Each person has different hair, and if they are fat, they naturally look like they are not well-groomed, therefore, such beauticians are advised to wash their hair once every two days. For those individuals who have a normal hair type, it is best to do this every four days.

If people are busy at a factory where there is a lot of dust, there is a need to take a shower every day, while it is better not to use detergents. By the way, one of the main factors is the proper selection of shampoo, as well as the use of a hair dryer.

Naturally it is very convenient to dry hair with it, especially when there is not enough time, however, hot air streams overdry the hair, as a result of which they lose their properties.

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