Frequent Errors Committed by Men

Sometimes in life, we allow some errors, it does not even suspect that they may have a negative impact on our health.

Most people engaged in work or school, in order not to wake, give birth to an alarm clock at the same time re-use call.

Many believe that in this way they will be able to extend a little sleep and the awakening will not be so difficult.

However, most psychologists argue that this should not be done, because the phase of sleep is interrupted by a short period.

Once you get out of bed, first open the curtains or blinds to the room fell as much as possible light, which affects the emotional state of a person, especially true in the winter. It would seem that such a simple action like opening the curtains, can seriously affect the nervous condition, because those people who for a long time in a dark room are more likely to suffer from depression, which in turn can cause a number of serious diseases.

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