Fortification Of The Organism In The Fall

2208201611Each time of year is beautiful in its own way. With the advent of early autumn shops and market stalls offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, which supplement the human body a huge amount of vitamins, so necessary in the winter. Among all products, special attention should be paid to the nuts, so they contribute to the normalization of the heart and vascular diseases.

Their use in a reasonable amount of not more than 6 walnut kernels per day has a Поръчка Fito Spray България positive effect on brain function. Also, you should eat apples, which contain vital nutrients beneficial effect on the whole body.

It’s worth noting that, during the winter and spring days vitamins in apples is much less than in the autumn. In order to saturate the body with vitamin C and improve the condition of the skin, as well as for the normal operation of utilities to include in your diet pumpkin. And such a delicious berry, grapes and helps to improve the work of all organs and has a positive effect on the quality of the blood.

How to Strengthen Immunity in Autumn

Most often people begin to get sick during the cold period and start thinking about strengthening the immune system. Exclusively with the help of it, a person can overcome colds and flu.

To increase immunity it is definitely right to eat, temper, drink vitamins, play sports, but a very important way of maintaining oneself in a healthy state remains unnoticed. An excellent remedy for our defense system is herbal decoctions, which are fine to drink, wrapped in a blanket, watching the window after the autumn rain.

There are many options for cooking medicinal broth. Drinking a cup of your Zamówić Fito Spray Polska favorite drink, we support the forces and take care of our immunity. For example, green tea is not only delicious, but also very useful product. It contains substances that effectively eliminate various bacteria and dangerous viruses that cause flu, pneumonia and a number of other diseases.

Choose any tea, today there are a lot of them, add peppermint, lemon, ginger, honey and drink into it as a storehouse of vitamins for our body. It is also useful tincture of rose hips, which is very easy to prepare. Wash the washed berries in a kettle and fill with boiling water, it is allowed to add honey or sugar. It is necessary to know that in the dog rose a lot of vitamins: P, K, E, B, C, A. It is very useful to drink broth from several components in the autumn.

Eat before eating, every day for a month. Prepare them with boiling water, add to one liter of a spoonful of raw materials. To strengthen immunity, prepare this mixture: root elecampane 5 grams; nettle 10 grams; Seabuckthorn oil 10 drops into the prepared infusion. You can Fito Spray Luxemburg also pamper yourself with tea from the crimson branches. Brew a hot drink with a calculation of 2 tablespoons per glass of boiling water. Tea should be well brewed and ready for use. Very tasty and useful is the orange tea containing a large amount of vitamin C and as a result it has to be a good helper with seasonal colds. Take the dried orange and lemon peel, mix all the ingredients and pour boiling water. It is necessary to allow to stand for 15-20 minutes and the prepared liquid can be added to tea.


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