For Men and Women Norm eat Sugar are Differs

Scientists have long been proven that the abuse of products such as salt and sugar, a negative impact on overall health.

As for sugar, its use rate for men and women have different, if the female body enough six teaspoons of sugar per day, the stronger sex can afford three tablespoons more.

It should be borne in mind that it is used in the preparation of many foods that we eat. The highest sugar content is in the sweet drinks and juices sold in stores, but also in cakes, pastries and a variety of sweets, that is not true of fruits and vegetables, in which there is a natural sucrose, which use is not restricted.

It is also found in dairy products, however, these are the products, try as often as possible to enter into your diet. Naturally all sometimes want to treat yourself to sweets, so instead of sugar is better to use honey or dried fruit, which, in addition to good taste are good for health.

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