For Hypertensive Sauna Access

A few decades ago, when there was such a large number of medicines, as in our time, the majority of diseases, mostly of cold, treated using baths and saunas.

Due to the high temperatures that occur in these institutions, there is a human heavy sweating, with whom the body out germs and viruses.

Also noted are the people who regularly visit the sauna, have good skin condition. However, some people who have seen heart disease and high blood pressure, try not to visit them, so as not to cause harm to their health.

German scientists, conducting a number of studies determined that such persons can go to the sauna, you observe certain rules of caution. Firstly, they should limit the residence time in the steam room, as well as to avoid sudden changes in temperature, it is meant to give up swimming in the pool with cold water. Baths are especially useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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