For Heart Stress Harmful just as Smoking

21111614Very often, a lot of people who have a heart attack came, surprised, because of what it could happen.

It would seem that they lead a healthy lifestyle, not smoking, not addicted to alcohol, what’s the reason? It turns out that there are other symptoms that adversely affect the heart.

Scientists who conducted a series of studies among these patients, we found out that the cause of this disease is an alarming state of a person who accompanied him for a long time. Moreover, people who have experienced severe stress, a heart attack occurs more frequently by almost 30%.

According to experts, stress state influence on the heart as well, as if the person has smoked a few cigarettes.

It can be seen the answer to a question, therefore, no matter what difficult situations you do not fall, no matter how difficult, try to stay calm, because health is more expensive all the turmoil. In addition, any problem sooner or later, can be solved, but spent the nerves do not recover.

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