For Frying Foods, Use Olive Oil

170920163As everyone knows, fried food is not useful for our body, but agree that it is sometimes difficult to give up a piece of grilled fish or meat chops, which are covered with a ruddy crust.

Also, it is difficult to resist the fries, the aroma of which invites to the table. However, no harm to the body brings the products subjected to heat treatment by frying, and oil, which on prolonged heating changes its chemical composition, it is harmful. Especially desirable are not repeated use of vegetable oil. Scientists conducting experiments, concluded that among all oils, the only one that is frying does not change its composition, it is the olive.

Tucking salads made from fresh vegetables are also recommended to use oil made from olives. After investigation, it was found that refined sunflower oil, by heating more than others changed their original properties. One of the leaders in high quality olive oil is Spain.

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