For Better Brain Work You Need To Travel

Medical professionals are increasingly convinced that outdoor recreation positively affects the overall health, especially the work of the brain.

The fact is that while traveling or resting in the forest, not to mention a lodging in a tent set on the shore of a lake or a river, our brain rests, not only from everyday problems, but also from work, because as of late More and more people are engaged in mental work.

After a series of experiments, it turned out that those people who went fishing on weekends significantly improved their psychological state than their counterparts who preferred shopping or watching TV.

Despite the workload, it is recommended to allocate as often as possible time for rest, and, not lying on the couch, and going on a hike.

As for the holidays, this is the most suitable time for traveling, and not necessarily to another country, but at home, where, if desired, you can find a great place, staying in which to get the maximum number of positive emotions, which affects life expectancy.

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