Foods With a High Content of Iodine

The thyroid gland is one of the major organs of the body as well as from the hormones produced by it, depends on the overall development of the person, including his health.

In order not to have failed in this body, you need to constantly replenish the supply of iodine, which can be obtained from food.

About that, in what products it is present in larger quantities, we are cover in this article.

Thus, according to nutritionists, first of all should pay attention to seaweed. Many people do not always give it preference because they disliked a specific taste, but when you consider that eating a daily po100 grams of kelp can get the required amount of iodine, for sure the number of fans of this product will increase.

In addition to algae, iodine contained in almost all seafood, so as often as possible include in your menu any seafood. Drinking a glass of milk a day, you also provide the body with the required amount of iodine, and the better to buy it from private entrepreneurs, because it is always fresh and contains no preservatives.

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