Foods to Eat at Elevated Pressure

21111617In recent years, physicians have considered one of the most important problems is the high blood pressure, which is observed in many patients.

Moreover, such a diagnosis is not only the elderly but also among young people. This entails more serious consequences as a result of high pressure, which is kept for a long time, provokes the emergence of heart attack and stroke.

It turns out that the manifestation of the disease is directly related to human behavior, meaning that, what kind of lifestyle he leads, his ration of food and many other indicators.

Patients in whom the pressure increases often, doctors strongly recommend to use only healthy products, which include fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as poultry and fish, and preference should be given to oil-rich, because it contains large amounts of polyunsaturated acids. But, from fried, spicy and smoked foods should be avoided by all means, as well as to reduce salt intake, daily intake which, no more than five grams, considering the products in which it is contained.

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