Foods That Will Warm in the Cold

With the onset of cold weather there is sometimes a lack of a sense of warmth, and even in a warm room in humans chills observed.

One reason for such a state can be unhealthy diet, especially for those people who decide to winter diet by eliminating from your diet a number of products.

According to doctors, this can not be done, because it is in the cold season our body needs vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and other substances needed to enhance immunity.

On such days, it is desirable to start the morning with a glass of water you drink with lemon juice and just five minutes later, eat a spoonful of honey. Make a small workout and taking water treatments, be sure to have your breakfast, it is desirable to buckwheat or oatmeal, with one egg and a sandwich with butter, you give power and protect the body from infections.

As for fruits, then it is better to eat during snack, giving preference to bananas, apples and persimmon. Do not forget about vegetables, which must be present every day in your menu. From drinks to prefer to be tea, as it is best to warm in the cold days.

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