Foods that Should Be Abandoned

Foods that Should Be AbandonedIn our world today, in an age of technological progress, the shops littered with a variety of products in beautiful packaging that lure customers to their views.
Buying them, we do not think that any harm to our body bring some food. For example, summer sausage, without Collamask Hrvatska krema which no cost, no ceremonial event.

Earlier, in its preparation used special smokehouse, now, in most cases, use a liquid smoke, which includes formaldehyde, which is harmful to our health. Also, do not get involved in canned sprats, as used in canning this substance as benzopyrene.

Buying candy to children, it is worth considering that their preparation is complete without chemical essences.

In dairy products, the shelf life of a few months, antibiotics are always present, so purchasing dairy products, pay attention to the shelf life, because as natural milk in the refrigerator, not stored more than a week.

The Advertised Poison

Many foodstuffs, of which we have heard thanks to the so-called engine of progress, are presented to us as useful and beautiful.

However, in reality, the advertisers’ loud words are no more than an ordinary PR move, which is aimed only at attracting a large number of customers, which in turn provide owners of well-known brands with a multimillion-dollar profit.

Jelly Bean. In the composition of your favorite children’s delicacy is a huge number Collamask България кремът of thickeners, sweeteners, colorants and a whole list of chemical additives that get into the stomach slowly corrode it.

Chips and croutons. Today, few people can say that for the first time he hears about the dangers of these snacks. An incredible amount of flavors and flavor enhancers make a real poison of delayed action from a seemingly harmless potato or bread snack.

Popular chocolate bars also do not have useful ingredients in their composition. Here you can find only an immense portion of calories and chemical impurities. In addition, genetically modified substances are necessarily present here, which can lead to irreversible effects in the human body.

A popular and favorite sauce all over the world – mayonnaise, it is recommended to eat only if it is home made. The option that you buy in supermarkets contains an incredible amount of fats, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers and genetically modified elements. Another, equally popular sauce – ketchup should also be excluded from your diet.

Vermicelli and porridges, which are ready after they are filled with boiling water have nothing in common with their prototypes, they do not have. In fact, these products have no value. Regular use of these popular, especially in students, dishes is guaranteed to lead to Collamask Србија крем disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and other, no less negative phenomena.

Sweet carbonated drinks not only can not quench your thirst, but on the contrary provoke a desire to drink more. They contain a huge amount of calories, sugar and artificial flavor enhancers and flavors.


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