Foods That Harm Health

07121614From what we eat, our life depends on many things.

Currently, one of the oldest old are the Spaniards, and it is no coincidence, because in this country, along with the seafood they eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, with the extensive use of olive oil, which is useful for the whole organism.

Nowadays there are several types of products, from which should be abandoned, because, in addition to damage any good they do not bring health. In the first place, you can put most of confectionery having a pronounced color, which has been achieved by using dyes.

The second place in this list, you can put a sweet carbonated water, as well as packaged juices that have a long shelf life, because these drinks are not only negatively affect the work of the stomach and intestines, but also clog the blood vessels, contributing to the emergence of serious diseases.

Should be excluded from the diet yogurt shelf life is more than 3 days, mayonnaise, popcorn, and do not believe the advertising about the benefits of low-fat dairy products, which are sold in supermarkets.

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