Foods that Can Cause Poisoning

2009201611In the summer, when there is high ambient air temperatures, special attention should be given to storing perishable products, as a result of heat, they can cause a variety of diseases, mainly the intestines. But it turned out that not only limited storage products can lead to poisoning.

American scientists conducted a number of studies have found that, in the summer most people seeking medical care, have suffered from the use of parsley, dill and other herbs, since it badly washed or not treated.

We also learned that the cause of food poisoning, nearly 95% of citizens arose after eaten eggs that were infected with salmonella. As it turned out, the potatoes, which many used to consider “second bread”, can also be dangerous to health if the conditions for its storage does not meet the standards. In summer, there are many cases of poisoning canned fish. It is because when preparing the product processing technology has been broken.


Summing up the above, we want to note that any product that you eat has both beneficial properties and disadvantages. It depends only on you what effect you will get when you form your diet. When choosing each of the above products, you need to remember a few simple rules:

1. Buy only natural products without GMOs and without preservatives;
2. Check the expiration date of the product before purchase and do not overdue;
3. If you have allergies, consult your doctor before eating a product;
4. Try not to abuse the amount of food consumed, so as not to have a poisoning.

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