Foods Affect Longevity

Probably, it is not a secret to anyone that with the help of food you can cure some diseases, at the same time, as well as get them.

The fact is that all products can be safely divided into useful and harmful, and, despite the fact that almost all people know about their properties, sometimes they often use those that destroy our body.

These include all semi-finished products, perishable products with a long shelf life, because it added special substances. In this list, you can make smoked meat, sweet fizzy drinks and other products that not only worsen health, but shorten the years of our life. And this is not talking about smoking and drinking alcohol, which destroys the brain.

However, there are those products that need to be injected daily into your diet in order to live longer and look younger, while less likely to be exposed to various diseases. These include vegetables, especially pumpkin, beets, carrots, and most importantly tomatoes, because scientists have proved that because of the content of lycopene in them, the level of oncological diseases is reduced by 80%.

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