Food, that Should be Abandoned

Scientists from Japan, a country where people are distinguished by their longevity, have learned that in our time there are a number of such products, by use of which you can get not only some diseases such as diabetes, cancer and others, but also to reduce the years own life.

First on the list should include the chips during cooking which release toxic substances, an adverse effect on our entire body.

In addition, the high content of salt prevents normal fluid removal, resulting in clogging blood vessels, as well as renal disease and the joints.

No less harmful product is a sweet carbonated water, and, regardless of the manufacturer, since it is added aspartan, a substance that provokes the emergence of kidney stones, as well as destroys the stomach lining.

Naturally, a very good and easy to prepare any breakfast sausages and many use them without thinking about how they are damaging, because these products are chemical additives, while natural meat, is virtually nonexistent.

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